Jacob Nannestad B2B lagerløsning

UMAGE: “An unbeatable B2B warehouse solution”

High quality, convincing customer cases and good prices persuaded UMAGE to choose DKI LOGISTICS. A flat organisation, pro-active approach and consistent process makes this partnership a success.

In early 2020, when UMAGE, purveyors of high-quality designer furniture, started searching for a warehousing partner, they left nothing to chance.

Jacob Nannested, CEO at UMAGE explains:

“We hired a logistics consultant to screen the market for us.”

Important parameters in this screening included the quality of the solution in question, that the new supplier could produce convincing customer case stories and the price of the solution.

Positive experience of DKI Logistics

Under normal circumstances, Jacob Nannested and his team would have visited a potential future business partner. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was impossible.

“We were taken on a digital visual tour of the warehouse. That was a bit out of the ordinary.

We saw, among a lot of other things, that the warehouse is well structured. It’s tidy. The tour gave us an accurate picture of conditions at DKI Logistics.

As it was otherwise difficult to achieve proper verification, our logistics consultant’s assessment meant a great deal. She found DKI Logistics positive to work with as she had onboarded several customers to them in the past.”

A flat organisation is an efficient organisation

On 1 June 2022, DKI Logistics took over the warehousing of UMAGE furniture and lamps.

“Cooperation between us has gone well,” concludes Jacob Nannested.

“Naturally, there were teething problems, but DKI Logistics was very proactive, and they succeeded in finding reliable solutions to all the issues that cropped up under way.”

Jacob Nannested is appreciative of the flat organisational structure at DKI Logistics:

“We talk to the warehouse operator responsible for our solution on the shopfloor. We don’t talk to a warehouse manager who then has to talk to someone else who then has to pass the message onto a third person.

We believe it is imperative that we are in direct contact with the person responsible. That way we waste no time and if an error should occur, we get it resolved fast.”

IT integration worked straight away

“DKI Logistics also resolved IT integration really well, despite the fact that this had to be done in haste. I believe it made a difference that the software engineer had attended our meetings. There were fewer errors.

Finally, I was delighted to see that Jens (Jens Christian Dahl, Sales & Development Manager at DKI Logistics , Ed.) kept tabs on every single phase of the process to ensure that nothing fell between two stools along the way.”

Would you recommend DKI Logistics to others?

“Yes. In fact, I already have. I think that DKI Logistics offers an unbeatable B2B warehouse solution.”

UMAGE is a renowned supplier of timeless, durable and functional furniture and lamps. They take a stand with regard to sustainability in every phase of their business. UMAGE supplies Scandinavian design that is sold in 2000 stores in 40 countries.

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