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DKI Logistics A/S’ departmental managers are always in close and direct contact with their customers. DKI’s work processes ensure that things run more smoothly for customers – and that DKI employees find their jobs more interesting.

“It feels like I’m running my own company.”

Departmental Manager Ronnie Larsen explains why, after 17 years, his job at DKI Logistics A/S in Horsens continues to interest him.

He is a department manager currently responsible for a team of 20 employees, who primarily service Royal Unibrew, for whom DKI Logistics A/S functions as a distribution centre.

Freedom and responsibility

As manager of a DKI department, Ronnie Larsen is allowed more freedom to act and more responsibility than is normal in the industry.

“Nowadays, a department manager is responsible for servicing multiple customers, and we approve invoices regarding consumables and even our employees’ work clothes,” he says.

A department manager takes charge of everything:

“Customers contact me as I am their day-to-day contact. We agree on all the work processes and take care of continuous changes and improvements. As departmental managers, we are also involved in calculating prices for our customers.”

No costly intermediaries

Our customers appreciate direct contact as we dispense with intermediaries when making decisions and resolving challenges.

“Our customers believe it important that we react as fast as possible. They don’t want to sit at the other end, waiting to get on with other things. They want the problem solved.

There are many jobs for us to do – and we never say no. There’s a solution to every problem. If you don’t find a solution, you fail miserably and no-one wants to do that,” smiles Ronnie Larsen.

Evolving all the time

During the high season, Ronnie Larsen welcomes several extra employees to his team. Everyone receives a thorough introduction to picking and packing and, not least, learns that he or she is part of the team.

“We hire our own team. We plan holidays ourselves too. There’s nothing more inspiring than being allowed to lead independently.”

Ronnie Larsen says he has a great team of employees. He has nothing but praise for his warehouse operators and his assistant:

“Nothing beats a strong team,” he claims.

“Employees work their best when they are happy in their work. We have fun, which is great, but we also appreciate that there is a serious side to our work. There’s room for both in my department.”

Ronnie points out that it is extremely important to give employees recognition for their work:

“It creates a sense of ownership,” he says.

“We can’t do it all on our own, everyone has something to contribute and together we can achieve incredible things.”

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