Emil is an apprentice at DKI: There’s always plenty of work to do

“You learn a lot. Just now I’m learning to pack with foil and print consignment notes for everything that has been picked and packed.”

Emil Flensted Bahn Petersen is 19 years old and an apprentice warehouse and logistics operator at DKI Logistics’ facility at Køge.

Emil has completed the first year of his three-year apprenticeship. An apprenticeship includes study periods at college and periods at the workplace.

Emil’s path to his apprenticeship ran through his cousin.

“She knows the boss, so I got an interview,” explains Emil Flensted Bahn Petersen, who loves working here.

“I didn’t see myself working all day at a computer. I wanted to be active with my hands, Fortunately, there is always plenty to do at DKI.”

Friendly colleagues and a good working environment

An apprentice warehouse and logistics operator at DKI is introduced to many different work tasks. For example, Emil Flensted Bahn Petersen has learned to drive a forklift truck and load a container.

“You get to do it all, you learn a lot. I like that. And you get to do all sorts of stuff,” he says.

“I love that people are so friendly here and there’s a good working environment where everything is well organised,” he points out.

He does not hesitate to recommend an apprenticeship to others:

“You must be prepared to pull your weight because there is always loads to do. They show you the ropes and off you go,” smiles the happy apprentice.

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