DKI byggeri Gedved Horsens erhvervsjord

Nova 6 under way at Gedved

Our customers’ successes take up space – so we at DKI keep on expanding to meet growing demand.

At DKI Logistics A/S, we have a tradition for building new capacity in line with increasing customer demand. We manage warehousing for all our customers, and for some, distribution too.

Currently, we are expanding Erhvervspark Nova, an industrial park at Gedved, close to Horsens and the E45 motorway. From this location it is possible to reach a very large part of Denmark within an hour, which makes this an excellent location for warehousing and logistics.

We are implementing automatic solutions in our new facilities. These activities go hand in hand with our vision: We will be our customers’ preferred logistics partner with automatic, data-driven solutions.

All about the Nova construction projects at Gedved near Horsens

Nova 6:

At the end of June 2022, Horsens Town Council approved DKI Logistics A/S’ purchase of a further 80,760 m2 industrial site at Gedved near Horsens. DKI will build about 32,000 m2 of warehouse facilities here. The new warehouse, dubbed Nova 6, is expected to be ready for use by 1 May 2023. It will have capacity to store about 60,000 pallets.

Nova 5:

In March 2022, we began to excavate in preparation for building Nova 5, which, like Nova 4, will have three warehouse halls.

We purchased a 77,500 m2 industrial site from Horsens Municipality in December 2021. We now have more than 450,000 m2 of industrial site in the area.

Nova 4:

Nova 4 covers an area of 32,000 m2 and has capacity for about 54,000 pallets. This building is 50 % larger than Nova 2 and Nova 3.

Nova 4 is subdivided into three sections, each of just over 10,000 m2. Section 1 is designed for block stacking. Section 2 is equipped with racks to store odd-size pallets, and section 3 is designed as narrow aisle warehousing.

Nova 4 ready for business in Summer 2021.


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