DKI Logistics A/S årsrapport 2021

DKI Logistics A/S announces DKK 92 million operating profit

Automatic, data-driven logistics solutions, social responsibility for people and the environment, and strong customer focus. This is DKI’s recipe for success.

In January 2020, we set off on a quest to turn our company around. We have succeeded. The annual accounts for 2021 show that operating profit was DKK 92 million. Of this sum, DKK 78 million was generated from the sale of a subsidiary company, Nova 3 ApS.

Nova 3 ApS is one of several construction projects that in recent years DKI Logistics has expanded into at Gedved near Horsens. In response to currently strong demand for warehouse storage and related services, Nova 4 is currently under construction. In addition to its Horsens location, DKI Logistics has other locations, e.g. in Køge.

More than 300 employees

In 2021, DKI Logistics employed 300 employees, all of whom are an invaluable asset for the company. DKI is known for its very flat organisational structure, in which team leaders function as external warehouse managers for DKI’s customers. DKI stays close to its customers and both parties benefit from rapid decision-making processes.

DKI is a company that takes its social responsibilities seriously. DKI employs a number of people in flexijobs and offers apprenticeships to ensure that the logistics branch has qualified personnel in the future.

Social responsibility and ESG impacts

This year we at DKI Logistics have produced a sustainability report that gives key figures for the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts.

In future, we will establish goals for our ESG impacts and invest more in sustainability. For example, we seek to use more sustainable sources of energy and will investigate whether it is feasible to set up solar panels on many of our warehouse buildings.

Fully automatic shuttle system

DKI Logistics strives to be our customers’ preferred logistics partner. To this end, we focus on automated, data-driven solutions. The process began in 2019. Central Denmark Region decided to enter a private-public partnership with DKI Logistics A/S about the operation of a central warehouse.

Today, DKI Logistics handles goods from more than 1,300 suppliers and distributes them to more than 3,000 Central Denmark Region delivery addresses and 680 general practice delivery addresses. DKI Logistics picks and packs right down to shelf and cupboard level for individual hospital units. An order usually includes many variables of many different products. Some orders are for a full colli. Other orders have special hygiene requirements.

Furthermore, our warehouse & logistics system ensures that cartons are consolidated sequentially to ensure that they are packed in cages corresponding to the trucks’ routes out to the hospitals.

e-commerce customers benefit from automation

Central Denmark Region is not the only customer to avail itself of capacity in our powerful warehousing and logistics system.

Customers from many different branches exploit the picking capacity of our AS/RS shuttle system. Our newest companies are in the textiles industry. Having expanded the facility, DKI now has capacity to take on more new customers from other branches. For example, the system is ideal for online shops offering goods, such as watches and jewellery, perfumes and various types of subscriptions.
The path to using more automatic, data-driven solutions does not stop with implementation of the shuttle system.

DKI Logistics invests consistently in new technologies, e,g. pick-and-place robots, automatic packing machines (configured to use recycled plastics) and sorting machinery for use in emptying containers and cross docking. Moreover, all our new warehouses are equipped with self-driving AGVs that work 24/7/365.

FACTS: DKI Logistics A/S Annual Accounts – Key figures

Gross profit

MDKK 152.5 (2021: MDKK 108)

Operating profit

MDKK 92 (2021: MDKK 4.5)

Pre-tax profit

MDKK 88.8 (2021: MDKK 3.4)


MDKK 126.4 (2021: MDKK 92.6)


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