DKI Logistics
– Member of Rhenus Logistics

Over 20 years, we at DKI Logistics – Member of Rhenus Logticsic have developed together with our customers. At the same time, we have stuck to the values ​​that are the basis for success. Get to know us better here – maybe we are a good match?

This is how we ensure you easy and fast service

We believe that the best solutions are created in a partnership between you, us, and our skilled employees.

We believe that conversation and collaboration are the best way forward. It is also necessary to create the right solution for you.

At DKI Logistics, we have a flat structure. It gives you fast and good service.

Each storage area has its team leaders who oversee the individual products. It is the team leaders who are responsible for the daily contact with you.

Such a partnership gives you the best and fastest service.

Contemporary solutions for third-party logistics

When we say that we put the customer at the centre, we mean it. And although we believe we have found a formula that works, we are not resting on our laurels. We always have our eyes on the challenges and tasks of the future. We have that because our customers’ world is constantly evolving. That is why we are always developing our business and how we do things. Therefore, we can offer our customers up-to-date solutions for current and future tasks.

We take our employees seriously because they are the heartbeat of the company. That is why we give them the best opportunities to shine in everyday life at our locations in Horsens, Køge and Herning. We believe, it is done best with freedom under the responsibility and further education.

A solid company with extensive experience in logistics

We take pride in being financially independent. We believe that this creates security for both our customers and our employees. When the economy is under control, we can spend our energy on what we like best: providing the best service on the market.